To Di World!

Its hard not to brag about the biggest event that’s going on now, Olympic London 2012. And tomorrow, August the 5th 2012, at 21.50 pm London time, the most anticipated athletic event will strike again. It’s the searching for the fastest man and woman in the world in the 100m and 200m finals. Of course the first name will come out from many’s tongue is the current fastest man in the world, USAIN BOLT.

So i have spent some times to make the infographic for that particular man. Here’s you will know why he is the fastest man in the world now, and should defending his title again tomorrow(hopefully).

Is he lefty? Unfortunately not…But at least he always doing his infamous ‘TO DI WORLD’ posing by pointing to the left side rather than right. So a good point for theheftylefty p.o.v isn’t it?… Anyway, come on Bolt! Bring us your’s ‘To Di World’ tomorrow!!


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