To the left, to the left

…And no…that badass Beyonce is not lefthanded…

Then who cares! As long as my idols, Leo DaVinci, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Tony Lommi, Sylvester Stallone, Pele, Maradona, Steve Jobs all are lefties.

So you know i am left handed too. Anyone cares? At least you were lefty too i bet. But i actually could be considered ambidextrous as I play sport with my right hand but I write and draw with my left hand and use complex actions with my left hand. But i kick the ball with my left foot and i can rate myself as a decent footballer with venom on my left shooting…lol…:P.

I’ve found that 10% of the world population was lefties, that’s minority, and i love to be minority. As left handed person i think it is natural to be different. I can track back to my childhood days when all my school friend was enjoying playing hide and seek or kick the ball, While i am deepening my vandalism skills by burning some junk at my backyard(i love to build a miniature town with sand or left out wood then smack it or burning it in the end…pure satisfaction!), kick my cat instead of ball, When i kick the ball it was in my house, i smack the expensive wall clock and vase to the delight of my parents. Oh man, that was naughty-childy me.

Then it was me now, still the same, i am not that ‘conventional man’. I drop out from college, to be a freelance designer and independent artist. Hit the clock when i want too. I do what i love to do. Maybe others see me as crazy man, selfish, a loser, or just a pilgrims, then who cares! As long as i am in my full manner without causing damage to others, i feel i am fine. Why i am so emotional on this. Maybe just because i am “the hefty lefty”. Not sure about that.

So for the context of this blog, you could expect a lot of the hefty lefty content, fact about lefty, lefty perspective and expression, and whatever issues that worth a lefty twist. I am a designer and sketcher so you can expect some post with a visual twist- illustration, infographic,cartoon/comic, photo manipulation, etc.. Beside that i also will share some of my lefty design for penny, artwork and miscellaneous, that i do for client and personal. Also a review about others design and artwork that i find inspirational and worth a review. Or maybe whatever i want to post as long i tag it as lefty :P.


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