Epic Battle: Super Dan vs Lee Chong Wei

Yesterday, August 5, 2012, the world have witnessed one of the epic battle of all time in sports history. It was the Olympic badminton men’s single final between arch rival Lin Dan(Super Dan) from China versus Lee Chong Wei from Malaysia. At least the badminton or racket sports lover or any caring sports fan that craves for the highest level of sports excitement, will not miss this matched.

There was much build-up before this final epic as the current world no.1 Lin Dan and former world no. 1, Chong Wei, were destine again to battle for the gold. The two was invincible throughout the tournament and destroy their opponent relentlessly from the first round. Nobody could bet this two will not meet in the final.

So the whole story should be about that final, Lin Dan will establish himself as one of the greatest badminton player ever by defending his gold in his home soil in Beijing 2008, while for Lee Chong Wei, it is more important and meaningful for him by far. The win for him will be a sweet revenge of that miserable one-night-in-China, while it will lift his as the greatest player ever, that come out from his shadow to take the immortal no.1 at his last swing.

But the pressure sure will be much higher for Cong Wei, as it also will be the quest for the first gold medal for his small but vibrant nation, Malaysia. It was arguably more pressure for him than Andy Murray’s quest to end the Great Britain drought on men’s tennis final on the same day. Huge pressure is on his side, definitely.

But after first set, it was Lin Dan that feel the heat, he make 10 plus unforced error to give Lee Chong Wei the upper hand by winning 21-15. But there’s maybe some concern about a fierce wind blow from Lin Dan’s back that give Chong Wei that advantage. And it was evidence when Chong Wei also suffered the same in the second game when they changing court, down rather easily, 10-21. But not mistaken, the game was very entertaining and in high tempo throughout. Lin Dan was showing his true color and more aggressive in that game.

The third set and the deciding one, was a dream set. The point was tight from the start, this two really gave their all. Then it was 19-18 to Lee Chong Wei, just need two point to claim his golden glory. But it was not to be his day ‘again’. Super Dan done his super power act, by take the next three point to close the matched 21-19. It was so close, but yet so far for Lee Chong Wei. Heartbroken for him and his nation again. While there was a genuine wild celebration from Lin Dan this time, no less arrogant, but with tears on his eyes for the first time in his glorious carrier.

For Lee Chong Wei, it will be hard to take the loses, as he plead apologies from his nation, as he fail yet again to bring the gold home. But the Malaysian, and the neutral should no less proud of his effort and determination. He gave his very best but should settle with ‘the legendary no. 2’ tittle. For your info, i am Malaysian, and huge supporters of Lee Chong Wei. While of course, it’s hard to like that arrogant and silly Super Dan. But, it was destiny. Super Dan was ‘The Hefty Lefty’ of the day!.

Anyway Lin Dan inviting Lee Chong Wei to his marriage ceremony later this year. They were good friend outside the court. You never get that in tennis.


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