Countdown: August 13th 2012, Left Handers Day

I’ve google for something lefty today and found something that really significant to this blog and me, how about ‘Left Handers Day’. I never heard such day in my entire life before, maybe because i never try to search for it before or not aware at all. Very fortunate to found about this just few days before the day come. Anyway this was not the official day for all lefty in the world, it was an idea from the aware few lefty person from UK, that i not research who was yet, they form the Lef-Handers Club around 1990. Then they launched the first International Left-Handers Day in 1992, an annual event when left-handers everywhere can celebrate their sinistrality, and inrease public awareness of the advantages an dis-advantages of being left-handed. But i’ve found also in wikipedia, the left-handers day was first observed in 13th August 1976 by the US.

So i urged to all left-handers out there to join the club. You will get much info about being yourself as left-handed person, creative lefty twist, connected with other lefties around the world and more. You also can download their free lefty treat or shop a lefty goods at anythinglefthanded. The righters, well, maybe you wanna know how it feel to be a lefty, then you may go and have a look at the site and think of something to do.

So for the August 13th, maybe i’ll try to think something to do to celebrate it, because i maybe could not go to the UK or US to celebrate, because i currently living in Malaysia, and i don’t know if it celebrated here. But i figure out something of course. At least i do something with this blog posting on that day. So to all lefties, whats your plan in August 13th?

While for the righters, hope no offense.


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