Happy International Left Handers Day 2012!

Finally the day has come, i wish to myself and all lefties out there, a very happy Left Handers Day. Hope we can cherish this day with joy and cheerful. I’ve think something to do to fill this special day, but hard to find one. I have idea about making left-handed zone like in my house, or kitchen, by restricted right-handed uses in the zone. But i have another big assignment today. By the way today i have to work out my left hand more as my grandmother asked me to help her to re-arrange furniture in her old dusty house, and clean up the drain for up-coming Hari Raya Aidilfitri or Eid Mubarak just few days ahead. Before that i went to barbershop to cut my long, dandruff friendly hair.

At my grandmother house, i found squirrel, lizard, rat and monkey try to celebrate the day together(did u know in animals world, the ratio between right and left-hander was equal). The monkeys are the most excited, more than 10 of them, running and jumping sarcastically on top of my grandma rooftop. I and grandma so fierce at first and shouting hard to expel them. But we laughing in the end. After finished my duty, as usual, my light-hearted and generous grandma gave me reward, a 50 dollar bill, and as usual i refused to take it, but shes some stubborn old lady. I took it, with my right hand of course.

Then i went back home, and now still feel tired, but refreshing, i think i’ve done good to celebrate this day, with my grandma and the animals. Still try to finished my left-handed infographic and hope so can post it before August 13th curtain fall out.

Hope we can share and flourish together, how about give a tweet about this, send greetings to your left-handed friends, or send an e-card? Let me know if you all have any hefty suggestion to celebrate or share this beautiful day for lefties.


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