Illustration of the week: Indie Heroes

Again, this one is my older artwork from 2010. Maybe next time i’ll show my latest work, because at the moment i have other commitment, have to put more effort into client work.

Back to the illustration above, that was my first tried on brush inking techniques in 2010, since then i fall in love with brush and still used it as my favorite technique until now although i’ve tried other tools like nib pen, technical pen etc.. For the illustration i choose to make self-portrait in indie comic style because i am an indie comic fan. So the title was ‘Indie Heroes’ with me as the main protagonist.

I have a dream to create my own indie comic or graphic novel, but unfortunately at the moment i think i am not a good writer or story-teller yet. Hopefully one day i will fulfill that dream. Another method is to collaborate with others, in this case a script writer or story-teller. That could be the faster and wiser way.


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